Historic Off Licences

273fawcettroad273 Fawcett Road, Southsea

This premises was never a public house, however it was once a Wine & Spirit Merchant’s shop, owned by Portsmouth’s long-defunct Long’s Brewery. In 1918 it was known to have been run by a Mr Henry Baskett. In June 2008, the premises underwent ‘refurbishment’ by new owners. Rather tragically, the building contractors saw fit to remove the historic Long’s tiled fascia, telling the Webmaster that this was necessary due to damp penetration. Make of that what you will, but one thing is for sure…this was a terrible shame. Sadly the Webmaster was unable to get to the site in time to photograph the intact frontage, though is thankful to have managed to capture its partial remains.

Thanks go to Jenny Boulter for the tip-off that led to this photograph, taken 13th June 2008.

cremornevaultsThe Kingston Stores
219/221 Kingston Road, Buckland

Until recently located adjacent to the Whitehall pub on the opposite corner of Malthouse Lane, the latter was demolished to make way for a new apartment block in 2007. It was shortly before the demolition that Hampshire Builders renewed the fascia board of their property to reveal the fact that the building was at one time a licenced premises, owned by the once-adjacent Kingston Brewery. The name Hammerton appears prominently on the front of the property, this being the name of the London-based owners of the brewery and bottling store between 1917 and 1953. The company was later taken over by Charrington of East London.

Top photograph 15th July 2007.
Photographs below kindly supplied by Roger & Trish Lovell.

 46 Langley Road, Buckland46langleyroad

This historic former corner shop located at the junction of Langley Road and Malta Road is a rare example of the kind of traditional off licence that was once common across the city of Portsmouth. Still prominently displaying the name of Burton brewers Ind Coope on its fascia, the premises also sports the livery of former Guildford brewer Friary Mew at first floor level, albeit rather faded after many years of weathering. The property is recorded in Kelly’s Directory as being owned by ‘Grocer and Beer Retailer’ Walter George Fleming in 1918.