Historic Pub Maps

Below you shall find a number of meticulously hand-drawn street maps of Portsmouth, on which have been plotted many hundreds of pubs that could once be found within the city. The maps show pubs that were open on 3rd September 1939 and those that had already closed for business. The original maps had colour-coded dots to distinguish the open pubs from the closed ones – though sadly the monochrome nature of the reproductions published here means that it’s no longer possible to decipher which pubs fall into which category.

As well as plotting the location of the pubs, each map contains addition information, such as the names of the breweries to which the pubs were tied.

The identity of the original author of these wonderful maps is unclear. Many are signed, though unfortunately, the signatures are illegible.

Please note that large parts of some of the maps overlap with others, so many streets are shown on more than one sheet. Each map has been captioned to show its general geographical coverage. 

Click on the images below to view the full-sized versions.

Thanks go to Brian ‘Dixie’ Dean of Dixie’s Bar, High Street, Cosham, for supplying these maps for inclusion on this site.