Lost Pubs – Q

The Queen Alexandra
125 Hertford Street, Landport

Located on the corner of Cressy Place, amidst the terraces of old Landport, this pub started life as the Brewers Arms and was part of a small tied estate belonging to Thomas Allen of the nearby Buckland [Steam] Brewery. The company was later taken over by Young’s Brewery (Portsmouth) and the pub renamed the Queen Alexandra in 1934. The original tavern (shown in the photograph) was demolished in the early 1960s and a replacement pub constructed in its place. The new house was purchased by Ind Coope’s Guildford subsidiary, Friary Meux, however the replacement pub was very short-lived, being closed and demolished in 1971, when most of the terraced streets were swept away for redevelopment. The pub’s footprint now stands in the heart of the rundown Buckland Estate, roughly midway along Duke Crescent.

The Queen’s Head
7 The Hard, Portsea

Shown on the far left of this photograph, in a terrace containing no less than five public houses, the Queen’s Head was unusual in Portsmouth for being owned by Crowley & Co Brewers of Alton (a company that was taken over by Watneys in 1947). The pub can be traced back as far as the late 17th century and traded well in to the 1920s. The site is now occupied by a fish and chip shop.

The Queen’s Inn
Osborne Road, Southsea

Located at the western end of Osborne Road, forming part of the Queen’s Hotel that still dominates the street corner, the Queen’s Inn was a one-bar Brickwood’s house that traded throughout the 1970s. It later became the Buzz Bar (see right-hand photograph), a venue aimed at the younger drinker, but has since stood vacant for many years.

Right-hand photograph 2nd April 2004.


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