Lost Pubs – Y

The Yorkshire Grey
25 Guildhall Walk, Landport

This grand old Victorian pub has been much abused by a series of owners in recent years. It sadly lost its proper identity in 1995 after having survived 98 years as the Yorkshire Grey. The pub once sported a fine glazed tiled mural at the rear of the bar, as well as other ornate bar fittings. These have since been either covered up or removed as the pub has undergone at least four name changes, including a five-year spell as part of the pseudo-Irish pub chain O’Neill’s.

By 2000 the pub was rebranded as the Walk Inn and before long had metamorphosed into the V Bar. In 2012 it was rebranded yet again, becoming the Skye Bar – a late night vodka bar that no longer qualifies it as a true public house. It’s sincerely hoped that the name Yorkshire Grey will once again adorn the façade of this grand old pub one day, so that it can be reinstated into the Current Pubs section of this website. However, the Webmaster is not holding his breath!

Colour photographs: 19th September 2004; 11th May 1989; unknown date (courtesy of the Inn Sign Society/Ray Scarfe).

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