Pub Names – I

The Ideal¹
Surrey Street
Most likely being a boast by the licensee regarding the high standard of his hostelry.

The India Arms²
Great Southsea Street
Named to commemorate the days of the Raj, when the British Empire ruled over India – the largest of the overseas colonies during the 19th century.

The Invincible
Wickham Street
Named after the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Invincible, which entered service in 1980 and operated from its base in Portsmouth until being mothballed in 2005. The name Invincible has been used regularly by the Royal Navy since the 18th century. The pub was known before 1983 as the Old Free House.

The Inverness Arms¹
College Street
Prince George, Earl of Inverness – later King George V (1865-1936), second son of King Edward VII. George was created Prince of Wales in 1901 when his father ascended the throne. The Inverness Arms was subsequently renamed the Prince of Wales.

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Guildhall Walk
Named in honour of the 19th century engineering genius who was born in Portsmouth in 1806. Isambard Brunel Road is located two hundred yards from the pub.

The Isle of Wight Hoy (also Isle of Wight Sloop)¹
Bath Square
Referring to a single-masted sailing ship, or ships, with fore-and-aft rig, that crossed the Solent from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight.

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