About This Site

Portsmouthpubs.org.uk was originally conceived from part of a small website that the Webmaster set up in 2004. The original idea of the site was to display around two hundred photographs taken of the city’s pubs between 1988 and 1991. These photos soon proved to be one of the most popular aspects of the original website, prompting further expansion of the idea, to include information about each pub, such as potted histories and architectural notes.

By 2006 it became obvious that a full scale, stand-alone site would be required to showcase the city’s pubs and provide more and more information to the ever growing number of visitors to the site. The domain PortsmouthPubs.org.uk was therefore registered and some serious work began in upgrading all aspects of the site, involving hundreds of hours of the Webmaster’s spare time.

By 2013 the site’s content had sadly become outdated due to other commitments and interests being persued by the Webmaster. A decision was therefore made to close down the site, either temporarily or on a permanant basis. It soon became apparent that the website was missed by its sizeable loyal following and in late 2014 a decision was made to relaunch the site in conjunction with the Webmaster’s good friends at igdesigns and Castvision. A brand new site was built and painstakingly repopulated, initially with the original website’s content. From the first week of 2015 the team set about revisiting every pub within the City of Portsmouth boundary, with the majority being completed by the end of March. Brand new entries for each pub were swiftly uploaded, to bring the site up-to-date and relevant – and a decision was made to also include other bars within the city that are not pubs per se (see below for what qualifies for inclusion).

Of the many emails that are received from visitors to the site, a recurring theme is that of former pubs that do not appear within the alphabetical listings in the Lost Pubs section. The reply to everyone is that whilst being aware of literally hundreds of other pubs that have existed in Portsmouth over the centuries (see the Lost Pubs maps and the Pub Names section), a policy is maintained whereby only pubs with accompanying photographs are included on those pages. This helps to make the site visually more interesting and not just a tedious list of names and addresses. If you have been unable to find any information regarding a specific pub on this site, please feel free to contact the Webmaster and I shall endeavour to provide you with some details.

All information contained on the site has been researched and written by the Webmaster. Additional help with pub reviews was provided by the IG Designs team. The Pub News page includes contributions from a small number of contacts, mostly from within the trade. The colour photographs displayed throughout the site have mostly been taken by the Webmaster, with additional submisions from named others. Said images remain the sole property of the individual photographers – reproduction of which may only be carried out with the prior consent of the Webmaster. The black & white photographs on the Lost Pubs pages are a result of submissions from various sources, to whom the Webmaster is most grateful.

“What qualifies for inclusion on this site?”

Despite the name of the site being Portsmouth Pubs, we also include any bars within the city boundary that are open to the public during the daytime and serve at least one draught beer (be it traditional ale, lager or any variety of foreign beer). Premises that do not qualify are cocktail bars or wine bars that do not offer any draught beer, bars that only open later in the evenings (in the manner of nightclubs), or premises that charge an entrance fee. If you think we have missed a bar within the PO1-PO6 postal districts that is eligible to appear on this site, please contact the Webmaster.


The Webmaster would like to extend his thanks to all those individuals who have offered contributions, either in the form of news information and photographs, or more recently, the work involved in the relaunch of the website. In particular, the persons listed below:

Stuart Ainsworth, Roy Anderson, David Atkins, David Ayres, Jenny Boulter, Martyn Brigden, Martyn Constable, Pam Conway, Brian ‘Dixie’ Dean, Jesse Denwood, Neil Deville, Paul Faithfull, Peter Green, Ian Gregory, Tanya Gregory, Rob Hall, Trevor Harris, Malcolm Irving, Steve Lant, Roger & Trish Lovell, Jon McKerracher, Kieron Mortimer, Steve Payne, Stephen Pomeroy, Alan Reeves, Ray Scarfe, Richard Sheath, Jamie Smith, J Taylor.